Buying a numberplate

Buying a numberplate is as simple as finding the numberplate of your dreams and sending the seller a Fast Offer or simply clicking Buy it Now. Thats it!

If you make a Fast Offer

The seller will review your offer and either accept or deny it. If the seller accepts your offer, happy days! All you need to do now is complete the deal and make payment and npl8s will transfer the numberplate to you within a few days.

If you Buy it Now

Can’t wait and don’t want to miss out on a numberplate? When you buy it now, the numberplate is yours once you make payment. All you have to do now is provide us with information on the vehicle you want the numberplate put on and the existing numberplate of your vehicle.

Remember, when your numberplate has been transferred to your vehicle, you will need to update your vehicle insurer of this change to ensure you are covered.